Stand-Alone Model
(Brushed Finish MP0008)

Stand-Alone Model (Polished Finish MP0007)

(Brushed Finish MP0004)

Magic Pinch is a fully enclosed stainless steel sugar dispenser that meets U.S. Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) food safety codes. It delivers a serving(One serving equals approximately
one teaspoon) of sugar (portion controlled) in less than a second by simply pressing down
a knob on top of a funnel container. For business operations,
for example, a drive through espresso bar or fast food service, the operator can dispense correct
amount of sugar in a drink at one second per teaspoon. The benefits of using Magic Pinch are
condiment safety, portion control, cost savings and environmentally friendly. It also reduces counter
mess, wastes and refilling time. Magic Pinch comes with two-year limited warranty.

US and Foreign Patent Pending.
Shipping Gross Weight: 13.2 lb (6 kg)
Shipping dim: 18x14x12 in
Designed and Engineered in the USA
Re-packaged in USA with components from USA and Taiwan

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